Health and Safety When Designing and Building a Set – part 2

In part 1 we have started with information about production responsibilities and scenery safety. We’ve discussed safety measures about designing and building a stage set concerning areas like fire, suspended scenery, scaffolding, falling from heights and manual handling. Here I will share the rest of them.

Other areas that should be covered by the risk assessment:

ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS – any electrical work should be completed by a competent electrician. It’s vital to get professional advice early on in the set design process.

GAS/ LPG – any gas appliances should be fit for purpose, well maintained and correctly ventilated. A competent person should be responsible for installing any gas or LPG appliances, fixtures and fittings..

WATER – any water tanks or containers should be fit for purpose and checked for any leaks prior to use. Water sources should be contaminant and bacteria free with water treatment a necessity if the water is retained for any period of time.

MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT – the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 apply to all machinery and equipment used on the set. It should be fit for purpose, correctly maintained and regularly serviced. Any dangerous or moving parts should be adequately guarded, with information on their operation available to all users.

PRESSURE SYSTEMS – any hydraulic or pneumatic systems must be constructed to the latest standards. They should be tested prior to use and regularly maintained and checked for any failures.

SEATING – must meet local licensing requirements, be fit for purpose and regularly inspected and safely maintained.

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