10 Ways to Get Cheap West End Theater Tickets – part 1

You may already read my latest story “What’s Hot in the West End for 2014” in my – Jamie’s Blog. Here I would like to share with you 10 ways to get cheap tickets. Continue reading and you will find the first five ways.

Going to see a West End show can use up all of your monthly budget but there are ways of buying these sought after tickets without it costing you a small fortune. If you’re on a budget and want to go to see your favourite show, try out these alternatives for a great night’s entertainment.

1. Online: there are plenty of online ticket operators offering cheap deals on theater tickets so a quick web search will present you with different seating choices and prices on the show you want to see. You’ll also find many operators offering extra meal and hotel deals if you’ve got some spare cash to make a night of it.

2. Tickets on the Door: phone the theater beforehand and find out what time they sell their same day tickets. Most theaters will have a surplus of tickets so rather than not sell them at all, they will offer a discounted price for the same night.

3. Ticket Booths: head to Leicester Square and the numerous ticket booths who will sell you tickets at knock down rates for the show you want to see. Some of them will also provide bigger discounts on the same day and closer to the start of the show so it’s worth your while to try your luck by just turning up to grab yourself a bargain.

4. Returned Tickets: call or visit a theater or ticket booth ninety minutes before the show starts and you might get lucky and purchase a returned ticket at a lower price.

5. Buy in Advance: if you’re planning a trip to London well in advance, then it’s worth booking tickets ahead of time. You’ll have the choice of buying a ticket for a cheaper price and will probably get a good seat too!


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2 thoughts on “10 Ways to Get Cheap West End Theater Tickets – part 1

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